We sell only the BEST Handcrafted Copper Column Stills!

Our stills are made from Food Grade stainless steel and copper. Our complete stills can be used for making your very own essential oils, herbal hydrosols, and fuel alcohol.

Welcome to Moonshine Hill Stills

Way up north in the back woods of Wisconsin, there is a long straight stretch of road tucked back amongst the evergreens and hardwoods..... Moonshine Hill Rd. 

 A beautiful scenic route, dotted with small country farms. On a Sunday drive, taking in all the beauty that is Wisconsin, the mind starts to ponder of what life must have been like back in the "good ole days". Is it any wonder how this old road got its infamous name?

Here, at our small hobby farm, those same thoughts, were our inspiration. As avid DIYers and herbalists we wanted to make something that would allow us to make our own essential oils and hydrosols from our ever expanding garden.

 Of course we soon realized that the possibilities were far more than just oils and flower water. We now make our own fuel, home-brewed wine and beer for personal consumption. Being as self sufficient as possible,has been a long term goal in our household. It is quite liberating to say the least. Our stills are made with that same thought in mind.

 Excellent craftsmanship and functionality.....par none.