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Types of Stills - Fractionating

Fractionating Column Still

fractionating column still
Example: Large scale fractionating still

A fractionating still, heats liquid in a distilling container, the vapor then rises into a fractionating column. It is usually comprised of trays or plates inside the column, which the vapor settles on and condenses, returns to the distilling container, refluxing the rising vapor..  The hottest tray or plate is at the bottom of the column and the coolest at the top.

Eventually, at steady conditions, the vapor and the liquid on the trays or plates reach and equilibrium and only the most volatile vapors will stay in gas form all the way to the top of the column, where it is condensed and turned back into its liquid state. The more trays or plates, the more the separation can be enhanced.

Fractionating columns are widely used in the industrial industry, where a large amount of liquid can be distilled  and processed at a time. Such as, petrol chemical, coal tar, petroleum, natural gas and solvents.